Managed Mobile Apps

Mobile Application

Managed Mobile App Benefits

  • Account manager
  • Project management

  • Domain name management
  • SSL Certificate

  • Mobile App backups

  • App design and development

  • Premium plug-ins and libraries

  • Platform updates & patches
  • Firewall
  • Maintenance

  • User management
  • Notifications

  • DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service)

  • Third party integrations
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Analytics
  • Antivirus/Malware Scans
  • Cashing
  • Performance Monitoring

  • Multi-factor password authentication

  • Content builder

Manage mobile apps provide a cost-effective way to have a mobile presence. A lot of the guess work is out of the equation because you are having a professional firm managing all aspects of the application. The application your customer installs on their device will stay updated for security and functionality with the latest technologies. Communications between your operations and clients will be easier and you will be able to take advantage of all the options mobile technologies offer. Enable payments, GPS, APIs & integrations, database, social media, google maps, images, and more.

The Typical Model

The typical model for a business owner is to hire a mobile app developer or an agency to develop a scope of work for the mobile app to the described specifications. Here is the first issue. Any scope of work will be subject to constant changes even if the best intent and effort is put forth. It is almost impossible to have a perfect scope of work. This is why the next issue is the cost of deviations from the original scope of work. For example, the language on most of these contracts like “any work not described on this document will be invoiced at x amount of dollars for a minimum of x hours or will have to be quoted separately.” Yes, we do know…we have assisted many frustrated customers.

After the mobile app is done, you realize it would have better if a certain section was reading a little different so a new group of clients can relate to the context better. Then you will have to schedule the updates and be subject to additional expenditures. By the end of this process the business owner manages development time and information allocation effectiveness becoming a project manager without having the necessary skill in this area. In addition, this causes the important mission statement of any business which is “How do I drive additional business to my company?” rather than “How do I develop and run my company’s mobile app with the least effort possible, so I have time to focus on my business?”

Managed Mobile Apps

With managed mobile apps we work until you are happy with the end result, we provide the updates as requested for text, media, push notifications, coupons, and other updates. We make sure you have easy way to enter your personal updates through login or by emailing the information for automatic updates. Managed mobile apps take away the hassle making sure your platform is up to date, applying security patches, scanning for malware and viruses, and posting files and managing file sizes. Simply put you are hiring a developer, project manager, and support specialist in a time share manner. Based on your plan we allocate enough hours to covers the needs. We will prorate the effort at the beginning, so you never have to pay extra. You will stay on budget, and you will be able to grow with a minimal effort.

Managed Server

You will have to manage the mobile app server, or your application unless you are paying an agency to do this for you. This also means patches and security updates, in addition to keeping up with operating system and hardware upgrades. These are usually metered charges which means that depending on the amount of update required and security patches, charges may vary month to month. Additionally, developer licenses for each platform, and management also require additional charges. If there is a need to send push notification to your clients, the cost most likely will be calculated differently.

This is the primary reason managed mobile apps ultimately can save money. Not only you save money because of all the extra costs eliminations but each package includes a set of features that make the running and management of the mobile app better for you and or us. We integrate the solution into your business processes, and make sure that it works 24/7 to deliver the best interaction for your client and employees.


Our managed mobile apps plans are even better since they include business consulting for process automation, in addition to everything else, and a dedicated account manager who will manage the projects and daily support. We further customize the mobile apps as platform solutions that interact with your specific business model to enhance user experience for clients and employees. If you would like to have mobile presence, and a platform that will promote your business in a most professional matter and timely manner, for a reasonable price you are in the right place!

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